Thursday, 26 February 2009


...To take another man's images and use them in your own Photoshop work.

I'm in the research/experimentation stages for the next uni project we've been given. We have to write and present a short story based on a childhood memory. The memory I've chosen is when I fell in a lake at the Fountains Abbey National Trust when I was eleven. Intensive but no doubt rewarding in two more weeks when the project is done.

I'm experimenting with montage techniques for my approach to the illustration and had to do some tests to see if there's chance of it working. I'm expecting the final designs to look quite a bit different to these but I thought these were worthy of show anyway.

None of the photos/drawing used to make up these images were my own and have been lifted from a variety of places online. I'd give them all credit but the internet tabs are long since closed and lost in the abyss of my web history.

Click to enlarge any of the above images.

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