Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Photography Day - 'You're Cosy, I'm Cold'

Went out yesterday afternoon to take some photos of the snow. I found it interesting how deserted the countryside was in comparison to how it is in the Summer whilst the crops are being collected. Here are some highlights that try and convey this, cropped and graded so I can pretend I have a Hasselblad camera.

01: Door

02: Avenue

03: Silhouette
04: Dominoes

05: 'It Was The Best Of Times...'

06: Logs

07: Daylesford

08: Horses

09: Kingham Hill

10: Roadside

11: Phonebox

12: Spire

13: Dusk

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Card '09 - Songs To Keep You Warm


Not usually one to make Christmas cards, I decided to try and make a card that wouldn't be thrown away come January and everyone's lack of shelf space. The card doubles up as a CD sleeve case for a music compilation titled 'Songs To Keep You Warm'. Sixteen were made. Track list was as follows:

01 - The Miles Davis Quintet - My Funny Valentine
02 - Jessie Baylin - Contradicting Words
03 - Hall & Oates - Las Vegas Turnaround
04 - Eels - Fresh Feeling
05 - Counting Crows - Chelsea
06 - The Incredible Moses Leroy - The Color Of Sky
07 - Fleetwood Mac - I Don't Want To Know
08 - Wallis Bird - Fat Chick
09 - Ella Fitzgerald - Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered
10 - Curtis Mayfield - So In Love

I would have love to have sent out a ton more, it was really hard to choose who to give them to. Apologies if you didn't get one. If you're interested in a digital copy of the mix, drop me an email I'd love to send you one.

Merry Christmas ^_^

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tinsel Tat - Embrace the Nafness of Christmas

In celebration of the official start of the Christmas season and the ever nearing end of term, I've been involved with organising the 'Tinsel Tat' Christmas Party in Falmouth. The theme encourages everyone to embrace the 'nafness of Christmas' including tinsel, baubles, and Christmas jumpers you'd rather not own or have to wear.

My contribution has been through creation of posters and tickets, and the general sending of emails.

The party's tomorrow night 8-12 at Mango Tangos in Falmouth. If you're in the area it would be great to see you there...