Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Card '09 - Songs To Keep You Warm


Not usually one to make Christmas cards, I decided to try and make a card that wouldn't be thrown away come January and everyone's lack of shelf space. The card doubles up as a CD sleeve case for a music compilation titled 'Songs To Keep You Warm'. Sixteen were made. Track list was as follows:

01 - The Miles Davis Quintet - My Funny Valentine
02 - Jessie Baylin - Contradicting Words
03 - Hall & Oates - Las Vegas Turnaround
04 - Eels - Fresh Feeling
05 - Counting Crows - Chelsea
06 - The Incredible Moses Leroy - The Color Of Sky
07 - Fleetwood Mac - I Don't Want To Know
08 - Wallis Bird - Fat Chick
09 - Ella Fitzgerald - Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered
10 - Curtis Mayfield - So In Love

I would have love to have sent out a ton more, it was really hard to choose who to give them to. Apologies if you didn't get one. If you're interested in a digital copy of the mix, drop me an email I'd love to send you one.

Merry Christmas ^_^

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