Thursday, 26 February 2009


...To take another man's images and use them in your own Photoshop work.

I'm in the research/experimentation stages for the next uni project we've been given. We have to write and present a short story based on a childhood memory. The memory I've chosen is when I fell in a lake at the Fountains Abbey National Trust when I was eleven. Intensive but no doubt rewarding in two more weeks when the project is done.

I'm experimenting with montage techniques for my approach to the illustration and had to do some tests to see if there's chance of it working. I'm expecting the final designs to look quite a bit different to these but I thought these were worthy of show anyway.

None of the photos/drawing used to make up these images were my own and have been lifted from a variety of places online. I'd give them all credit but the internet tabs are long since closed and lost in the abyss of my web history.

Click to enlarge any of the above images.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Disney Classics Custom Collection

After posting scans from the Bambi book I picked up yesterday, and the stream of contemporary vintage work being produced at the moment by designers such as Ward Jenkins, Andy Tan, and others. I'm taking lead from a personal project by Olly Moss, but spinning his concept of videogames to custom Disney Classics artworks using the Penguins Classics grid.

Originally I was hoping to do each of the images from scratch, but decided time wasn't on my side due to the large number of Disney Classics (46). Instead, the approach I took was to find and take screens from the films and then vectorize them in Illustrator, before moving into Photoshop for some final tweaks.

The colour scheme has been taken from the Disney Animation Studios website which was recently updated.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Walt Disney's Bambi - A Great Golden Book

Found this in one of the second hand book shops in town today. Thinking of following in the footsteps of Olly Moss and redesigning some artwork to make a set for the Disney classics.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Orange Project

This was a short single day project I did just before Christmas. The brief was fictional, and tasked us to make an 'inspiring' image/graphic that embodied the Orange ethos (also specified on the brief). After reading and seeing a lot of material linking to optimism, connecting, friends, and fun this is what I came up with...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Paper Pomos!

Finally just finished the nets and their presentation.



Our brief was to create something which advertised a dying language and culture, and what i've produced is a paper model worksheet. The work is aimed at Primary/Elementary school children in years 5 and 6 (ages 9-11).

The front shows the net and some illustrations I made from a group of photos I found, observing the Pomoan people. I've made some artistic judgements mainly with colour but I like the accessibility they provide to the piece. At first I was really stuck on how to work cultural and lingual information onto the page but found a solution in the tabs that hold the model together. I found some basic language vocabulary online, and have placed the English on one tab, and the Pomo on the other corresponding tab, with the intention that as the kids put the model together they match up the words and take in the information.

More subliminal education is on the other side, where the back of the net contains lots of cultural facts that can be associated with the pictures on the front.

Artwork was initially drawn and then brought into Photoshop and Illustrator for cleaning and colouring.

Sorry the pictures are a bit illegible unless seen in the higher resolution.

Now I just have to put together the presentation to show the rest of my course on Monday morning...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's A Pomo Party!

I'm working on the illustrations that are going to accompany the paper net when all laid out in its final form, promoting the dying language of the Pomoan people of California.

Did this up today, really pleased with the outcome and how they fit with the soon to be posted net.

I have my work cut out a little to make sure I have this all done by Thursday but i'm quietly confident...