Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pomoan Cubeecraft

The project I'm currently working on as part of my course, is essentially to use graphic design as a means to promote a dying language. It's a four week project we've just hit the halfway mark on and I thought I'd post some info on the stage I've gotten to.

My research led me to the Pomoan settlement tribes of California, some of which are now extinct. I wanted to find a prodominantly english speaking area and aim my promotion at children in primary/elementary school around the ages of 9-11. Stumbled upon the art of papercraft (it is what it sounds), and a bunch of cool design toys created by other designers/illustrators. I've posted a few below:


Nintendo Diorama


I'm currently developing some models based on the cubeecraft template, allowing the kids to build small Pomoan figures. My plan at the moment is to have cultural and language related facts on the back of the nets (preferably to do with the characters they're putting together), and therefore take in the information as they build. Then the model can act as a constant reminder to be aware of what is lost when a language becomes extinct etc.

Here's a shot of a test net I'm fiddling about with. I'll post some final models once the project ends. I'm planning on making them a little less cubelike.

...I've just noticed how lame my actual work looks in comparisson to the fun and exciting colour fest I just posted above it.

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